Machine (Job) Shop Services

Atlantic Bluewater is one of Nigeria’s leading provider of machining and fabrication services in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Precision parts machined to close tolerances are produced by boring, drilling, turning, milling, slot and lathe machines installed in our machine shop.

Welding & Fabrication

We have one of the largest pool of AMERICAN BUREAU of SHIPPING (ABS) coded welders and fitters. All welding are carries out in accordance with AWS D1. 1/D1 M-2010 & ASME Code. We provide services relating to engineering, surveying, scoping and draft for producing quality/accurate fabrication drawings using good engineering and drafting standards in accordance […]

Subsea-Bolt Tensioning, Flange Pulling & Pipe Cutting Activities

ATLANTIC BLUEWATER is Nigeria’s & West Africa leading supplier of Subsea tensioning equipment, Pipe cutting, flange pulling machines / tools as well as Professional and experienced engineers / technicians that are readily available 24/7 to ensure positive outcomes in some of the world’s most hostile environment. Our products and services range covers all WACHS & BOLTIGHT […]

Hydraulic Bolt Torqueing & Tensioning Specialist

Atlantic Bluewater is a leader in preventing leaks in bolted assemblies such as pipe flanges, valves, vessel many ways and heat exchangers. We provide a wide range of services and specialized technology to not only find and fix leaks – but to prevent them from happening. Atlantic Bluewater incorporates over hundred years of plant unit turnaround, […]

On-Site / Insite Machining, On-Line Leak Sealing & Heat Treatment

ON-SITE / INSITE MACHINING, ON-LINE LEAK SEALING & HEAT TREATMENT SERVICES ATLANTIC BLUEWATER as Nigeria’s leading provider of On-site machining, On-leak Sealing & Heat Treatment Services, we hold an extensive inventory of On-site Machining & Heat Treatment machines and On-Line Leak Sealing Compounds as well as Professional and Qualified Technicians

Specialist Maintenance and Pipeline Repairs

We are Nigeria’s premier supplier of portable machines / tools for on-site / in-situ machining applications for pipe/casing cold cutting and beveling, bolt torqueing and tensioning, valve turning & testing, on-line leak sealing, flange facing, flange alignment & spreading, hot tapping and line stopping, milling, drilling, tapping, line boring, journal turning and threading machines, working […]