ATLANTIC BLUEWATER SERVICES LIMITED was established in 2001 under the company act. It is an indigenous company wholly owned by Nigerians.

We are organized to provide Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Technical Related Services within the Federal Republic of Nigeria and across West Africa. Our services are offered and tailored with foremost emphasis aimed toward meeting the specific needs and objective of our clients, while maintaining strict international standards and guidelines and compliance to the Country Mandated laws and Regulations.

What Set ATLANTIC BLUEWATER apart is YOU, our CLIENT. By using ATLANTIC BLUEWATER, you are assured that ATLANTIC BLUEWATER employees of all classifications; from project managers, engineers, expeditors, certified welders/fitters to administrative personnel are professional.


ATLANTIC BLUEWATER is a diversifies corporation that is dedicated to providing top quality personnel, product and services for both onshore and offshore, business and industry, anywhere in Nigeria. The combination of excellent service, technical knowledge and competitive pricing has enabled us to gain a strong market share in the market we serve. We work in a very close relationship with our client and take great pride in supplying them with correct products and services at the right time and the best possible cost.