ATLANTIC BLUEWATER SERVICES LIMITED was established in 2001 under the company act. It is an indigenous company wholly owned by Nigerians. We are organized to provide Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Technical Related Services within the Federal Republic of Nigeria and across West Africa.


Our services are offered and tailored with foremost emphasis aimed toward meeting the specific needs and objective of our clients, while maintaining strict international standards and guidelines and compliance to the Country Mandated laws and Regulations.


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With dedicated and motivated staff, quality equipment and constant safety and environmental consciousness, our vision is to be the leader in Nigeria for project services to oil and gas servicing companies, where machining, fabrication, welding, civil works are concerned for the construction and maintenance of onshore and offshore facilities.


We engage in the provision of machining services, Fab./Constr., and Installation Services, Procurement and Project Management Services to both Onshore and Offshore. To this end, we; provide solutions that meet customers’ specific product applications. Provide products and services that meet or exceeds our customers’ expectation. Provide a challenging and rewarding environment where individuals want to work. Create and maintain harmonious relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Core Values

Ethics and Integrity: To conduct our business with a high level of ethical standards and integrity. Our employees consist of a skilled, creative and dynamic workforce. To deliver top quality services to our clients in time and according to specification. To be a supportive business associate to our operating communities. And to ensure the HSSE of both our surroundings, personnel and equipment are guaranteed. 


Expertise, discipline and precision


What Set ATLANTIC BLUEWATER apart is YOU, our CLIENT. By using ATLANTIC BLUEWATER, you are assured that ATLANTIC BLUEWATER employees of all classifications; from project managers, engineers, expeditors, certified welders/fitters to administrative personnel are professional.