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Km 14 East-West/Uniport Rd, Rumuosi

Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Subsea-Bolt Tensioning, Flange Pulling & Pipe Cutting

Project Title Description Client Date/Period
COLD CUTTING SERVICES Provision of Services And Equipment for Cold Cutting of 13 3/8” Casing And 20” Conductor Pipe DIVINE FLAME AND ENERGY September 2016
COLD CUTTING AND BEVELING SERVICES Supply of Manpower and Equipment for Cold Cutting and Beveling Services of 13 3/8” and 20” Casing Pipe DIVINE FLAME & ENERGY July 2016 –August 2016
USAN FPSO SHUTDOWN Supply of Manpower and Equipment for Installation of Cold Cutting Machine and Rendering Services for Cold Cutting and Beveling of 4” & 6”pipe EXXON MOBIL July 2016
TORQUEING AND TENSIONING SERVICES Torqueing and Tensioning job at various locations at train 6. Dryer Bed, S-1201, compressor Deck, End Flash Compressor, Rv Deck, Fin Fan Deck, Battery Limit Area, E-4101, etc of various Flange Ratings and sizes NLNG BONNY July 2016
HYDRAULIC BOLT TORQUEING & TENSIONING SERVICES Provision Of Hydraulic Bolt Torqueing & Tensioning Services NLNG Bonny October 2016