Cold cutting of pipework and applying a weld preparation is probably the most common form of In-Situ machining.  ATLANTIC BLUEWATER can provide a complete package combining experienced manpower with quality in-situ machining equipment to undertake a large variety of machining operations. Should an application arise that cannot be undertaken by standard tooling we can design and supply specialist equipment.

All our Wachs split frame cutting machines are portable, low profile requiring minimum operating clearances and lightweight-even the largest ring assembly is less than 100 lbs.  With a unique enclosed bearing system we are able to keep a low profile machine that is capable of cutting and preparing all pipe schedules as well as different alloys. The pipe cutter splits quickly to pipe O.D. and requires minimal axial and radial clearance. One man can set up, operate and cut in less than 30 minutes.


  • Cutting kits available
  • Cuts and chamfers  pipes from 4” to 48” diameter
  • Compact and portable, allows easy helicopter transport to any work site
  • One man, one machine can cut casing from 4” through 14”
  • Accommodates remote and underwater operation
  • Eliminate flame cutting-produce a lathe type bevel finish on casing ends
  • Increase safety with cold cutting method and meet all potential requirements for onshore/offshore pipe cutting.

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