ATLANTIC BLUEWATER provides experienced personnel and equipment for the implementation of bolt torque programmes, utilized during any application that requires effective and controlled break out or make up of bolted connections.


  • Pneumatic / electric Hydraulic driven lightweight and containerised machines suitable for offshore/ onshore applications or any hazardous environment
  • Range of power heads/reaction arms and hex links to cover all bolt sizes (within API/ANSI range to suit typical petroleum and petrochemical industry requirements)
  • Capability for multi-head function for increased time efficiency
  •  Easy and safe handling
  • For surface and subsea applications


  • Cost effective solution through its rapid operation compared to conventional methods
  •  Provides accurate bolt torquing to recommended API /ANSI rated specifications
  • Especially suited for use in confined spaces
  • Improves productivity in disassembly, repair, installation and pressure testing applications
  • Correctly torque tightened bolted connections reduces downtime, maintenance costs and                                                                            increases safety


Specifications and Procedures

Contract bolting jobs begin with an on-site analysis of the work to be done. Then, in consultation with the customer, ATLANTIC BLUEWATER personnel develop and document procedures for installation of bolts and/or removal of bolts. Each bolted joint is assessed as a system. Bolt size and material are considered in addition to gasket type, pressure and temperature of the process, and operating conditions. Finally, the work is executed following the procedure to obtain optimum results.
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